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Accounts receivable is one of your company’s biggest assets. Is your company doing enough to protect that asset? Members of MEMA Financial Services Group (MFSG) have an advantage as they possess the ability to mitigate bad debt exposure through early indications of problem accounts, thereby having a much better chance of controlling past due balances and reducing bad debt expense, which are exceptionally important to your business.  

Members of MFSG benefit from the following services:

  • Five segmented credit discussion groups (additional nominal fee)
  • Up-to-date and accurate trade clearance information
  • Access to experienced industry analyst
  • Advice and counseling on credit issues, situations
  • Annual Bad Debt Survey report
  • Annual educational seminar
  • Specialized financial statement analysis
  • Credit reference service
  • Free general legal advice from MFSG’s corporate attorney
  • Discounted fees from MFSG’s licensed collection agency

Participating in one or more of MFSG’s credit discussion groups is very advantageous as members obtain much more insight and knowledge on existing and prospective customers. According to a recent survey by “Credit Today” the cost benefit of participating in a credit group was a ratio of 50:1 benefit to cost.

The following benefits can be ascertained by participating in MFSG credit groups:

  • Gain insight on historical and current trade payment habits for existing or prospective customers
  • Benefit from knowledge of a customer’s operational or financial issues impacting the business
  • Learn of new credit trends in the industry
  • Obtain the name of key contacts in a customer’s accounts payable department for working through issues
  • Expand your knowledge through management presentations from key customers
  • Benchmarking statistics
  • Network with other, highly effective credit executives
  • Grow as a credit professional

Members of MEMA Financial Services Group are at a distinct advantage in the marketplace because of the information and opportunities MFSG affords them. By being a member and participating in a credit discussion group, educational seminar and presentations you have the ability to:

  • Process orders and new accounts faster   
  • Reduce bad debt expense
  • Control past due balances
  • Increase profit potential

Contact Dan Pike at MFSG or 919-406-8821 for more information on becoming a member.  Make sure your company’s important asset is properly protected, become a member of MFSG!

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