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Annual Bad Debt Survey
  • This survey enables members to have industry data in which they can show their management how their particular company compares to the industry.

​​Networking Opportunities
  • Through credit discussion group meetings or the educational seminar members have the opportunity to interact with other credit and financial executives in the industry. This is a great way to learn best practices, gain valuable insight and develop relationships that you can draw on when future questions or issues arise.

Special News Bulletins
  • Occasionally there is news on a customer or industry trend that MFSG feels their members should know about. At those times, MFSG sends out via email a bulletin outlining the topic and then giving perspective and insight like only MFSG can deliver. Many times, the news MFSG receives is from its members. So MFSG verifies the information, gets additional data (if possible) and sends the bulletin out to all members.
Discounted Collection Services
  • If MFSG members run into a situation where they need to outsource a customer to a collection agency, MFSG has a long standing relationship with Bill Nellos and his team at Brennan & Clark, which is formerly Creditors Recovery Systems, Inc. which is based in Villa Park, IL. Bill and his team will work professionally and diligently to get the debt collected at a special discounted rate for MFSG members.
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