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This group meeting process is applicable for all five of the credit discussion groups MFSG administers.  

Two terms that will be helpful to know are discussion and clearance names. Discussion names are those customers a member would like to have not only trade information on, but to have discussed in the meeting as well. Clearance names are customers members only want or need trade data on to see how other members are being paid.  

Step 1

Approximately six weeks prior to the scheduled meeting MFSG sends out a meeting notice which includes the following information:

  • Meeting date, location and hotel
  • Details for making hotel reservations including cut-off date
  • Request for customer names to be submitted for discussion or clearance
    • Most groups have a permanent list of names which are customers who are always discussed in the meeting
    • An additional form is supplied for members to provide any additional customers they want to have either discussed or cleared
  • The request for names has a due date in which members must have their lists turned in to MFSG

Step 2

Subsequent to the request of names being turned in to MFSG, we consolidate all the names and create a list of names, both discussion and clearance. The list is then sent back out to members in several formats for MFSG to obtain their companies experience on each account they sell. The formats are as follows:

  • Electronic list of names – this is sent out as an Excel file in which members can run the list against their database and have their experiences inserted
  • Manual list of names – this format is sent out as a PDF and is filled out manually by members with the experiences
  • MFSG also accepts A/R files from members – once received by MFSG we extract the experiences needed for the meeting
  • The list of names has a due date in which members must have their experiences submitted to MFSG

Step 3

MFSG gathers the data from all members and enters it into our database. Then the data is compiled and organized for each customer and a trade clearance report is generated. The trades are then organized in alpha order for both discussion and clearance and put into a PDF form. The “books” are printed for the meeting for each member to use and then each member also receives a PDF copy of the book via email.  

The printed books are used for the basis of our group meeting on the specific date and location. Each group member reporting has a group member number which is listed beside their experience to keep the owner of the experience anonymous except for to other group members.    

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