How Much Do You Really Know About Your
Existing and/or Prospective Customers


How Much Is That Costing Your Company?

How much margin, money and time do you spend each month because you don’t know…

  • How your customers are currently paying other like manufacturers
  • Whether other like-suppliers have your customers on hold, are getting NSF checks or have turned them over for collection
  • The best way to deal with disputes, deductions, returns and penalty charges
  • Who the proper person is in A/P to discuss those issues

MFSG Can Help…

MFSG coordinates the activities of five credit discussion groups where credit and/or financial executives meet in open forums to gather and exchange historical trade payment data on mutual customers.  These meetings, which strictly follow anti-trust laws, encourage the building of relationships and networking with other group members. MFSG has been administering credit discussion groups for 45 years with great success for our members in the motor vehicle industry.  

For more information on MFSG credit discussion groups, please review the description of each group found on the links to the right or contact MFSG directly at or call Dan Pike at 919-406-8821.

Resources (Links to other documents/pages)

Importance of participating in a credit discussion group 

Who can be a MFSG credit discussion group member and how do I join? 

Antitrust Laws for credit discussion groups 

MFSG Antitrust Preamble 

MFSG group meeting process 

Description of each MFSG credit discussion group including schedules

Application to join a MFSG credit discussion group

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